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Our specialists will fully support you in finding jobs in Japan!

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You knew what
to write on a resumé
for Japanese companies


You could get
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You could get advice
from career consultants
in your native language

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Our registration form walks you through the things you must have in a good Japanese resumé. We ensure your resumé has the information required to make a good impression on Japanese companies - fill it out well and companies are sure to contact you!



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One of the biggest challenges foreigners face when looking for a job in Japan is finding companies that are right for them. We share your resumé with a network of recruitment specialists who match great people with great jobs for a living. So, at jopus career, the companies come to you.



Get advice from career consultants
in your native language

Our research shows that many foreigners are nervous about appearing for an interview with a Japanese company with no preparation. Our foreign career consultants work hard to make you as appealing to companies as possible, and they can also give you advice about resumés and interviews in your native language.


Their support helped me find a job at a great company!


I was initially worried if I would be able to find a job in Japan, but the advisers helped me write my resumé in Japanese, and prepare for my interview, and it worked out!


It was amazing to find a company that I could completely identify with

Web Marketer

Though I started my job-hunting full of uncertainty, the career consultants at jopus career helped me put together my resume, and gave me advice before heading for interviews. This helped me present myself with confidence, and land a job at a company with like-minded people.



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